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Chemicals for Cleaning

● Degreasing agent

 Fast speed, phosphorus-free and low alkali, bio bacteria and ring-swallowing oil pollution technology, higher environ ental protection level。

 ■ Degreasing agent for steel

 ■ Degreasing agent for aluminum and aluminum alloys

● De-oiling Agent

 Neutral suitable for all types of metals, strong acid and alkali adap tability, can be applied to precision de-oil removal of the electroni  csindustry

● Rust Remover

Various types of products available according to different customer requirements, replacing hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acidwhich can greatly reduce the risk of over-corrosion and  hydrog enembrittlement with very low acid fog volatilization. Environm ent?friendly and suitable for any kind of corrosion.

● Acid Mist Inhibitors 

Special technology breaking with the tradition, Not only inhibit acid fog and reduce hydrogen embrittlement, but also significantly improve the problem of slow dissolution of oxide skin of the heat treatment. We have solved the common problem of diamond production industry, improving the production efficiency which  is unique in the whole China. The technology has been used in the world's largest diamond production enterprises for many years.

● Surface Conditioner

Hard water resistance and suitable for all kinds of water quality

● Rust-proof Oil

Ultra-thin fast-dry dehydrated anti-rust oil realizes more than 120 hours in salt spray test, combining with the high anti-resistance and anti-wear phosphating, hundreds of hours could be reached. The fastener with phosphating oil of Dongfeng commercial vehicle  technical center reached 720 hours in salt spray test, after which, the fastener's surface with local corrosion was still perfectly main  tained after 1-year outdoor exposure test on the roof.

● Paint Remover

 Water-friendly, efficient and fast